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STAKE POKER systems.
2022 new release full STAKE POKER system, have a look at our demo and try it today!

This amazing poker system has its frontend built in wordpress for easy editing, customization and managment
and the actual poker engine runs on a windows server from where you may control everything!

Create poker tables, create bots, set skill levels of bots, create tournaments, manage players, manage funds, ban / restrict players
see statistics and tons of more features.

You can simply add your own custom brand name and logo, instant download access after purchase with full source code and
installation documents and manuals to manage the entire system.
100% profit and control for admin
Payment gateway enabled – simply add any gateway you want to use to this

The package comes with UNITY3D app project, just swap app icon image and server details and publish your own apps too,
simple and easy.
You can make it with real money / crypto or virtual money ( in app purchase ) depending in what you want to do and publish instant
to start your poker website,

There are no limitations to what you can do, anything may be changed as you like, colours, images, functions and NO limitations or
encrypted source code.
In short you are able to install unlimited poker websites, create your own poker network, do white label poker service or anything else you want.

Visit the demo and simply download the client, signup and try it
Please note, for ios there is no possibility to try the app before its officially published on the appstore but feel free to try the win client or android.

After purchase your download will be ready for instant download along with all documentations and manuals.
If needed, we are able to install everything for you too, simply get in touch with us.

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